A dialogue session on the investment budget of Al-Khader district for the year 2023,

The Ther Development Center held a dialogue symposium in Al-Khader Municipality Hall, Al-Muthanna Governorate, on the investment budget for Al-Khader District for the year 2023. The symposium took place in a transparent and frank dialogue between Mr. Razzaq Beladi, the District Attorney of Al-Khader District, and a group of elites from the district. The District Attorney reviewed the project plan that he presented to the governor. Which amounted to approximately 29 billion dinars, and the projects were distributed among the sectors of health, municipalities, education, roads, bridges, interior, and agriculture. The District Commissioner explained the determinants of selecting projects for this year, including allocating a ministerial project to implement a sewage network that includes the entire district. This prevented the allocation of any amounts for street paving projects within the borders. Municipal.
The attendees presented their ideas and questions about the project plan and prioritized the projects as they saw them, which are establishing a new hospital for the judiciary, linking the judiciary with the international highway, a new sports stadium, kindergartens, parks, building a complex for judicial departments, establishing a college affiliated with Al-Muthanna University in Al-Khader, and other important projects. As the attendees indicated that the estimated costs of the projects are exaggerated, the Ther Development Center will prepare a detailed report on the recommendations of this symposium and submit it to the relevant authorities in Muthanna Governorate, the members of the House of Representatives, and to the Prime Minister’s Office in coordination with the District Attorney.
All thanks and appreciation to Mr. Mayor of Al-Khader District and to all the gentlemen of the elite of Al-Khader District for their interaction and civilized participation in the dialogue.

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