Announcing the establishment of the Economic Development Center and the closing session of the project on governance and maximizing local revenues

On May 27, in the hall of the Ther Development Center in Samawah, the final session of the project on governance and maximizing local revenues was held with the support and cooperation of the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE). The project started in October 2022. The project witnessed the achievement of a number of achievements. Advocacy carried out by a broad coalition consisting of representatives of the local government in the governorate, members of the House of Representatives, and representatives of civil society institutions interested in developing the economic situation of the governorate,

The first achievements were achieved after an expanded meeting with five members of the House of Representatives who represent Muthanna Governorate in October 2022, where Mr. Representative Muhammad Rasool Al-Rumaithi adopted the delivery of the campaign message to the Prime Minister, and indeed that was done, after that and in a meeting of the Supreme Coordinating Authority for the irregular governorates In a region headed by the Prime Minister, a decision was voted on to open a local revenue account for each province, and this is what we have been calling for for years.

The second achievement is the adoption of proposals to develop a new law for the governorates and its delivery to the concerned authority, which is the supreme body for coordination between the governorates. Most of what was included in the proposal was approved.

The third achievement is amending the by-laws of the Planning and Development Council to allow civil society organizations to participate in at least one quarterly meeting of the Council.

The fourth achievement is the agreement of 3 civil society institutions representing the private sector, which are the Chamber of Commerce of Muthanna Governorate, the Chamber of Industry of Muthanna Governorate, and the Federation of Businessmen in Muthanna Governorate, in coordination with the Dhar Center for Development, to establish the Economic Development Center in Muthanna Governorate, which aims to provide studies and working papers that reflect About the vision of the private sector in Al-Muthanna to achieve economic development, provide advice, guidance and training to entrepreneurs, and develop an economic map for the governorate, which leads to job opportunities for young people in the private sector.

On May 27, the establishment of the Economic Development Center was announced in a press conference at the end of the session.

The session was attended by:
Mr. Adel Al-Yasiri, Second Deputy Governor of Al-Muthanna, Chairman of the Planning and Development Council, Acting
Mr. Haider Al-Wahami, Advisor to the Governor of Al-Muthanna for reconstruction.
Mr. Imad Kazem, Secretary of the Planning and Development Council in Muthanna Governorate.
Ms. Mona Zalzalah, Director of the CIPE Office in Iraq.
Mr. Duraid Al-Araji, Chairman of the Federation of Businessmen in Muthanna
Mr. Faleh Al-Hitimi, Chairman of the Muthanna Chamber of Industry.
Mr. Statistics Karim Huwaidi, Director of the Muthanna Chamber of Commerce.
Mr. Youssef Sawadi, Director of the Environment Department in Muthanna.
Mr. Mahmoud Hadi is a consultant at the Muthanna Investment Authority
Mr. Salih Hadi al-Absawi, head of the Iraqi Jurists Union in Muthanna.
Dr. Nabil Al-Mayali, head of AKAD Organization for Cultural Exchange.
Ms. Shaima Shaker, representative of the Charitable Organization of Purple.
Mr. Thaer Abdel-Khaleq, Head of Ishraqat Organization for Development.
And a number of journalists and those interested in economic affairs.


We extend our sincere thanks and gratitude to all the ladies and gentlemen present for their cooperation and active participation in this event, and we all look forward to continuing the joint work to serve our dear province and our beloved country.

The session’s powerpoint and the economic development center’s announcement

Muthanna Chamber of Industry report

Al-Mirbad Report

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