Joint cooperation agreement between the Ther Development Center and Al-Muthanna University

In an initiative that is the first, the head of the Ther Development Center, Majid Abu-Kalal, and Dr. Amer Ali Al-Atwi, President of Al-Muthanna University, signed a joint cooperation agreement between the Ther Development Center and Al-Muthanna University.
The signing ceremony took place in the office of the President of Al-Muthanna University, in the presence of the Scientific Assistant to the President of the University, Dr. Hussein Al-Maali. At the same time, a joint cooperation agreement was signed between Al-Muthanna University, represented by Dr. Amer Al-Atwi, President of the University, and the Planning and Development Council, represented by Mr. Adel Al-Yasiri, Deputy Governor of Al-Muthanna.
The two cooperation agreements aim to coordinate the efforts of the three parties (the university, the local government, and civil society institutions of all kinds) and invest their human resources in developing the governorate economically, socially, and environmentally.
On this occasion, the Ther Development Center extends its sincere thanks and gratitude to Dr. Amer Al-Atwi for his cooperation, understanding, and support for the efforts of the Planning and Development Council and the efforts of civil society organizations in the province. We look forward to achieving joint success in serving our dear province and our beloved Iraq.

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