Honoring the Ther Development Center and the Director of the organization, Mr. Majid Abu-Kalal

On behalf of Dr. Muhammad Noman Al-Dawoodi, the Union of Jurists, Al-Muthanna Branch, held a ceremony honoring the Ther Development Center and the Director of the Organization, Mr. Majed Abu Kelal, and in the presence of the Deputy Governor of Al-Muthanna, Mr. Adel Al-Yasiri, for the role of the organization in civil life and the organization’s contributions in providing the state and its institutions with scientific expertise. The work of this institution is to establish (the economic development center in the province), which includes a group of semi-governmental entities, the Businessmen Union, the Chamber of Commerce, the Federation of Industries, and a representative of the local government. It is always initiated by the management of the Union in honoring everything that is distinguished and real and in which it serves the country and the citizen.
This honor came in conjunction with the announcement of the establishment of the Economic Development Center, under the supervision of the organization and with the support of regional organizations supervising this aspect.

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